How to Select an Inverter for Your Needs?(step 1)

Inverters are the cornerstones of solar PV projects. They convert the direct current (DC) energy generated by solar panels into an alternating current (AC) that the local electrical grid or an alternative off-grid network can harness. Their importance to solar power generation is reflected in their cost: They are typically among the largest hardware-related expenses in solar implementations and can require substantial service and maintenance over time, similar to a car. Accordingly, it pays to make the right choice for the intended application. so:

How to Select an Inverter for Your Needs?

Step one: Off-grid inverter or Grid-tie inverter?
Generally speaking, there are three major types of solar inverters on the market, including grid-tie, off-grid and hybrid inverters.
Grid-tie inverter: It functions to convert DC to AC, with an ability to synchronize to interface with a utility line. This inverter is designed to transmit your unused electricity to the grid and has no battery. MTTP technology may be equipped in its input circuitry.
Off-grid inverter: off-grid, is the way do not connect with State Grid,  It works to convert DC to AC from a storage battery. These off-grid inverters are used to provide electricity to a number of residential and commercial projects. In the PV project, it can charge the battery and provide the power to loads. It also can convert battery DC Voltage to AC voltage to provide power for appliances. These lower watt ones are mainly used to power the appliances in each family.

Hybrid inverter: This product also functions to convert DC to AC and its difference is that it can be used in both a grid-tie PV system and an off-grid PV system. most hybrid inverter built-in solar charge controller, you do not need the extra solar regulator, connect the PV or batteries directly, then output connects with the appliances.

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