How to Select an Inverter?(Step 3)

A solar inverter doesn’t generate electricity but it needs a certain series of the parameter to make sure it works effectively. The important elements you should pay attention to are its input DC voltage, output AC voltage, frequency, and the circuitry that suits it. For example, for a typical residential solar power system, the input voltage is 24VDC and 48 VDC.
The DC voltage. For the solar system, you should know your battery, Series or parallel. and whether it is suitable for your solar system. for example, your solar system is 24v, but your inverter DC is 12v or 48v, this inverter cannot use in your system. so you must take the DC voltage into your consideration when you choose one inverter.
The AC voltage, whether the inverter voltage is suitable for your country voltage. For the USA, AC voltage 110v 60Hz, if your inverter is 240v AC output, it is hard and can't be applied to your home system properly. so you must take your country voltage into your consideration when you choose the inverter.
The electric circuitry. every country has his own electric circuit connection method.main for safety and protection. The L and N line connection way is a little different. about the split phase inverter, in North America, some type of split phase inverters connect in the home circuit, cannot work and explode when it starts. Cosuper CPT series split phase inverter solved this problem, the engineer went to America and test in local circuit, updated this split phase inverter. So you must take your country electric circuit into your consideration when you choose the inverter.

There are more parameters should be taken into consideration when you choose the inverter.

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