What Is Off-grid Inverter?

What Is The Off-Grid Solar?

Off-grid solar systems can run independently from the electric grid. In order to accomplish this, they require additional hardware.

DC power generated by the PV panels is fed into a charge controller, which regulates the charge instead of the utility company’s computer-controlled grid. From there, it’s fed into a DC battery bank, where it’s stored. The charge controller determines whether to trickle charge, full-load charge or stop current from overloading the battery bank based on the battery charge level.
Your home connects to the battery bank through a power inverter, which converts the DC power from the batteries to the 120V/220V AC power utilized by most household outlets.
Although lead-acid car batteries (especially deep-cycle) can be used to build a battery bank, it’s not recommended, as these batteries have a short lifespan, especially when used daily. In addition, these batteries lose approximately 20% of the stored energy, wasting valuable electricity and undermining the environmentally friendly aspect of solar.

Off-grid solar is ideal for remote places or underdeveloped areas where the electrical grid isn’t stable. It’s also a great solution for people who can afford the upfront costs and wish to untether themselves from the electric grid completely.
A downside to off-grid solar becomes apparent when sunlight isn’t as readily available, such as during long storms in the winter, when the sun is already up for a shorter span of time each day.
In addition, late afternoon and early evening (when the sun is shining less) is when the average household consumes the most energy, as typical work/school schedules and lifestyles have people away from the home during the day, and both light and heat are often necessary when the sun is down. 
During the summer in many areas, an off-grid solar setup actually generates a surplus of energy. A lot of the solar electricity produced during this time goes to waste as opposed to a grid-tied system, which distributes it to the substation.

Also, since you’re untethering from the grid, you’re solely responsible for the entire solar system, including maintenance and replacement parts.


What Is The Off-Grid Inverter?


With an off-grid system, it’s important to have enough battery capacity to store excess energy for emergencies.
But do not worry about the batteries, there are many off-grid inverters have battery type selector, it has the switch for your choice depending on your battery type. what type of battery you have, you can turn the inverter battery switch for your battery.

What is the off-grid inverter, is the inverter used in the off-grid power system.is the inverter to convert the off-grid solar system power or DC power to the 100V-120v/220v-240v AC power.

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