How to Select an Inverter?(Step 4)

A solar inverter is installed in your home, but it doesn’t mean you are clear about whether it works well. Out of this concern, some inverter manufacturers have designed chips or other tiny devices that are set inside each inverter for malfunction tracking purposes. Once something troublesome happens, relevant information will be sent back to the installing company which can help deal with the problems in time. 
But it will have more troubles and need a long time before the inverter back to your hand. So, if the manufacturer has the inverter app to control or monitor this inverter, that would be very nice. when the inverter has some faults, the app can show the fault reason and the engineer can repair the inverter quickly. But this type inverter manufacturer is very less.
More inverter manufacturer uses an LCD display in the inverter. show the working data, and can show some faults.
Besides this, you should also check whether the inverter offers the optional monitoring accessories that can help you monitor your system. For example, by using a monitoring device, a home PV system user can learn how much electricity the system generates each day, month or year.

Cosuper PTM-12 remote controller can connect with the inverter, and can show the working data. The update type  CR80, has more functions, main used for RV and motorhome. if you want to know more inverter remote controller, click the picture.

So, when you choose an inverter, for convenient, you need some remote control devices.

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