what is the Inverter Bypass function?

Inverter Bypass function---Automatically save the loss of energy

Battery power still would be consumed from 20W to 120W per hour for stand by to waste--- when it is “ON”.

What does it mean?
You would lose 10% battery capacity within 6 or 7 hours when you are in working outside or else if taking the middle number between 20W and 120W that is only70W,supposing it is “ON” but not for load which is stand by.

What’s more?
You would lose 0.6 years to use if the batterylife is 3 years when the factor number adjusting batterylife is 0.8.In addition,increasing the frequency of battery discharge is making the batterylife shorter.

Bypass function.It is the same with “ON” but in the sleeping-state making lesser loss.

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