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  • Off Grid Energy System
Off Grid Energy System

Off Grid Energy System

  • Output power: 1.6KW-8KW
  • Solar power: 1.2KW-7.2KW
  • Daily power generation: 3KWh-18.4KWh
  • Energy model: Utility & Solar
  • Product description: Off grid energy system allows to use house appliances without utility. In the condition of blackout, or no opportunity to get utility AC, off grid energy system will works as the main power supply.

Off grid solar system is designed for the house which has power needs. Generally off grid solar system has no connection with utility grid. Most of the time, off grid solar system works as the stand alone power supply for home.

COSUPER Off grid solar system

>Power range: 1.6KW~8KW (Customizable)

>Battery: Lead acid/ Lithium-ion/ LiFePo4 (Customizable)

>Solar panel: Canadian Solar/ LONGi/ JinKo/ Talesun/

> MPPT: 60A/ 80A/ 100A

Durability and Reliability are the key of system.

When you are living with the off grid energy power system, it is necessary to bring continuous power supply without interrupt.

COSUPER's high quality inverter keeps this system continuously converting DC power to AC power.

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