• Solar Street Light
Solar Street Light

Solar Street Light

  • power range: 8w --120w
  • rated DC voltage: 12v
  • high quality type with APP
  • camera optional
  • Product description: Cosuper integrated solar street light, power range 8w to 120w, have two types, one type have APP function
As climate change continues to have a more severe impact on the world’s safety and the health of our economies, energy efficiency continues to grow as a priority for municipalities and governments.

One area with immense promise is that of public street lighting. Recent research by Northeast Group, LLC estimates that by 2026 the world is projected to have 359 million street lights (up from 315 million today). With such focus on the question of how to improve street lighting efficiency, it is no wonder that LED street lighting and solar street lighting is expected to grow into an almost $70 billion market.
solar street light future
Nowadays a new range of solar LED Street lighting makes their presence felt everywhere and these lights are environmentally friendly and are easy to install and give high-intensity LED output. The solar LED street lights system convert sun energy to electricity and the system is prompted to turn on as the darkness approaches. Therefore, these lights automatically switch on after the sunset and after sunrise, it switches off.

The solar street lights operate from night until morning. The LED lamp automatically switches on after the sunset and switches off after the sunrise. This system design consists of the following parts:

Solar panels
LED light
Rechargeable battery
Interconnecting cables

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